Dominican Michael Jackson 🎤
Margaritas! 🍸 😛
Selfieeee 👅
Catching some sun ☀️🌴 (at Iberostar Costa Dorada Hotel)
My week > your week ☀️🌴🌺
I met Juan Valdesz! Lol
My mom had skills!!
Love my brother ❤️💙
Happy birthday brother 💙 @emiliolopezjr
🎈 happy birthday to the best brother I have! Even tho you fustrate me beyond understanding! I still love you very much! You are my one and only. And yet you manage to piss me off and the day after I’m calling you to bother you. That is what family is about. Today I am greatful that mom and dad have given me an older brother to protect me and to show me what hard work can really do. You are my role model and I hope to one day be as successful as you are! You have taught me so much and I will always be greatful for that. I was lucky to grow up with a brother like you that would let me punch him first for 10 secs then he would finish the fight by beating me. Or when we would lay on the floor and play Bombay! That game we invented throwing the ball in the air and not letting it hit us! We should get together and play that game sometime! Miss you. And I hope today is a beautiful day. Love you and see you later @emiliolopezjr
👨love my pop ❤️
Thanks babe 🙌❤️😘💏 @jamesrodriguez10
😛 #shareacokewithstephanie